About Tanukichan

Hannah van Loon is an Oakland-based musician who grew up playing classical violin, but picked up guitar along the way to accommodate her growing love for rock music. Van Loon has played in various Bay Area bands, most notably Trails and Ways. Working as a carpenter to pay the bills, she spends most of her time on various woodworking projects and making music. Tanukichan is her first solo project, a post-punk powergaze into van Loon’s mind. She is joined live by drummer Aaron Gold and bassist Scott Brown, both of Astronauts etc.

Company Records head Chaz Bundick (Toro Y Moi, Les Sins) produced and recorded the trio’s debut EP, Radiolove. “Radiolove is when you’re listening to music and don’t need to be around your friends or anyone at all because the person singing your favorite song definitely wrote it just for you; and when you see each other someday in the afterlife, you will be best friends/lovers. So nothing else in life really matters and everything is okay.”

The artist’s name derives from tanuki, a wild Japanese raccoon dog. As told in Japanese folklore, they are often inebriated, shape-shifting tricksters with enormous testicles. “I feel a connection with this animal because of its obvious masculinity and lack of fucks given,” van Loon says. “Since a young age, I’ve felt a pull toward interests that were traditionally male-dominated: building, sports, mathematics, rock music. It has been a process for me to feel like I belong in these areas. Using the name of a mythological creature with huge balls felt like a way to declare my presence.”