About Sejva

A native of Atlanta, Alex Millin, aka Sejva, is an electronic music producer spending his days meticulously sculpting a sound unique to himself. Armed with an array of analog synthesizers, drum machines, half working tape machines, and dusty vinyl records, Sejva creates funky disco house beats with subtle influences from 90’s hip-hop and R&B.

The moniker Sejva originates from Millin’s father’s name prior to his escape from communist Yugoslavia in search of a new life in America. Sejva adopted the name as his musical alias after his father’s passing, as an inspiration and reminder to continue the pursuit of the lessons that his father instilled in him. “Do what you love,” he would say, “and the rest will come.”

Millin first picked up a guitar when he was 11 or 12 after his mom bribed him to join chorus and orchestra. Unexpectedly, music quickly became an intense emotional outlet. Early on, Millin recognized an internal struggle between the side of himself that just wanted to create music, and the other that had to face the real world and all of its struggles. This tension continues to inform and inspire Millin’s work. As he says, “When I am making music, I can be free, sensual, and truly present. And that’s the feeling that I hope to convey. I want my listeners to experience that feeling of freedom.”

Sejva challenges his audience to let go and let love in. He wants his music to create a space where the present feels tangible and alive. And we need that now more than ever.